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Bucanero Cigars salutes our military brothers and sisters for the sacrifices they make in protecting our country.

We support our troops day in and day out. Our Father and Uncles
all served our country also. In the Marines, Navy, Air Force and the Army during World War Two, and Korea.

Our Brothers  served during Vietnam. 5 of our dear friends have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We honor all of our Military Servicemen and Women and are grateful for their service to our nation.

Flag that flew over our Military Hospital in Iraq Awarded to Bucanero Cigars by the Combat Trauma Surgeons

Bucanero Cigars receives many emails each day. As the President I try to review every one of them and respond accordingly. I make it a priority in life to thank all of the people who send emails about enjoying a Bucanero. They are the reason why our passion burns so strong in this business and their acknowledgments continue to feed that fire everyday.

But sometimes as is in life something very special comes my way and it makes me simply stop and take a moment to reflect what life is truly about. These are the special moments in life that truly define one’s character. My Father and my Uncles (4) all served in W.W.II. I and many of my friends did the same during the Vietnam era. I can remember as a young man what it was like being away from home in a distant land. Missing my girl and my family and friends. Hoping one day to get back home.

So this is special it touches my heart and it brings back many memories, the good and the bad. But one thing we all must remember, free of all the politics what these young men and women are doing for our country. Freedom comes with a price. For those who are paying this price we all should honor them with the utmost honor..our respect and gratitude!

God Bless you all,
Robert Spoden
Bucanero Cigars

An email from Eric in Iraq:

” If you do not mind, let me tell the path your wonderful cigars took to get here. The story starts with our job here. Manny and I work at a combat trauma hospital just north of Baghdad. We are pretty busy at times, and we unfortunately see the cost of war in the denomination of lives-young lives. Well, to help us unwind, we have sort of started a little tradition. Manny, myself and a few of the other surgeons will go on top of the “swamp” (named after the MASH series), a small building next to the hospital. There is a great view from there at sunset. There, we will enjoy some good stories, and best of all, some fine cigars. It is pretty much the only treat we have out here, so that time is sacred. We will sometimes talk of the events of that day, but quickly we turn to more pleasant thoughts such as our families or the qualities of the particular cigar we are smoking. In the background, helicopters will be occasionally landing. As the sun sets we always take to looking at the stars. It is hard to describe it, but for lack of a better way, it is an escape from where we are at and what we are doing.

Well, a few weeks ago, my uncle, who is also a vet, asked me if I needed anything. He knew of our swamp/cigar tradition and asked me what cigars to send. He knew that we were sometimes getting our hands on some Havana’s, so he wanted to make sure he sent some cigars that would stand up to them. I told him to go to his local tobacco shop and get the best cigars they had. Well, he sent out about 20 or so cigars-some Santa Damiana’s, Dunhill’s, etc…They were all in one bag, except for 2 “special” ones. The local tobacconist put these in their own bag with a small note, “93 rating, best in the shop, hard to get”. Well, you guessed it, Bucanero Salsa.

So, that is the story. It just makes it all the more special that you are a vet. It just seems to complete the story.

Well, thanks again for making some great cigars, and thanks in advance for sending us the ambassador package. Thanks even more, though, for your service to our country. It is stories like this that make me proud of what we are doing over here-and makes it all worth it, and thanks for that”.


Months after receiving this email from Eric he lost his Brother in Iraq. God Bless him for his service to our nation.

God Bless them all and their families and friends.

My dear friend Captain Pete. Southwest Afghanistan Civil Engineering Building Schools for the people in this region. Due home (Tampa Florida) February 2008 1 – Tour in Iraq and 1 – Tour in Afghanistan U.S. Army

A Tribute To Billy

In memory of one of my life’s best friends.

Billy (A Marine) who passed on in 2009 from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. I learn the true essence of life from this exceptional man. Years of smoking a fine cigar together and speaking our minds about life.

I will miss you my friend.

Bucanero is 100% Owned and Operated by Veterans. We are proud to have served our nation and are extremely proud of those who continue to serve our country today.