Bucanero Cigars is for sale.
Bucanero Cigars is Federally Trademarked and offers legal protection from other pirate theme tobacco products which has enormous marketing value.
The Bucanero name has a strong Cuban heritage, Bucanero Cervesa, el Bucanero Festival, Club Bucanero Santiago de Cuba. A synergy exists for future exploration if and when existing laws may change.

Most importantly, Bucanero has 42 FDA Approved GrandFathered Status (Predicated) cigar blends that do not require premarket authorization to be legally marketed in the United States. And may serve as a predicate tobacco product for comparison with a new tobacco product in a Substantial Equivalence Report if needed. What this means effective September 2020 a cigar brand must be FDA approved as a Predicated Grandfathered product to be legally marketed and sold within the United States. FDA Approved Predicated cigars are cigars that have been in production and marketed in the United States prior to February 15, 2007 and continued to be sold years after that date. It is estimated that 60% of the cigar brands sold today do not meet that FDA requirement and will vanish from the United States marketplace.

The multi-billion cigar industry set record sales in 2019.
The sale of Bucanero Cigars is a very rare opportunity.

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