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Bucanero Zia Years ago we decided not to sell our Natural wrapper trimings to a whole range of cigar manufactures who came calling. Instead we decided to continue to age these trimmings as in one day we would make a truly flavorful medium filler cigar. The Zia which is a Native American term for “sun” represents this great medium filler cigar perfectly. It is a mild cigar with so much spicy flavor. Hand Made and Draw Tested. No bite, just perfect for the cigar lover who wishes to buy a low priced cigar with value.


Bucanero “Sun Grown” Zia
Low Cost Bundled Cigars
Bundle of 20’s (Shipped in humidity controlled zip lock bags to assure freshness).

Zia is the Native American term for “Sun”. This “Sun Grown” Ecuador Sumatra wrapper is very flavorful. What a great cigar for those who wish to enjoy a smooth cigar with quality flavors while saving big time! We use our medium fillers from our premium Natural wrapper blends to give you all you want in an inexpensive cigar. A Hand Made cigar that is Draw Tested. No one offers such in a Cuban sandwich style cigar with the high grade tobacco and at such a great price.

Introduced in 2002.

Weight 2 lbs
Bundle Qty

20 Pack


Belicoso (6 x 54), Churchill (6 7/8 X 48), Robusto (5 x 50)

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