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Smoke Magazine Reviews the Bucanero Crew 9.2 rating – Excellent Rating


Mild body.

This flavorful Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper premiered in 2003.
The wrapper is grown in Ecuador from Connecticut Shade seed. It is delicate and thin, yet very pliable. This leaf is golden light brown color, very few veins, and is silky to the touch.

The flavor is mild body plus with slight caramel and creamy after tones. A slight touch of sweetness, medium finish.

Available in the following sizes:
Captain 5X52
First Mate 6X50
Corsair 5X50
Sail Master 6 7/8×48
Rudder 6 1/2×54
Barrel 6×60

Blend: Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper, Nicaragua fillers.

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10 Pack, 20 Pack, 5 Pack


Barrel (6 x 60), Captain (5 x 52), Corsair (5 x 50), First Mate (6 x 50), Rudder (6.5 x 54), Sail Master (6 7/8 x 48)

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