Awards & Testimonials

Cigar Obsession named Bucanero a Boutique Of The Month and has featured many reviews
Cigar Aficionado Ranks Bucanero Cigars among the Top 25 Cigars in the world 2004-2006
Play Boy Magazine ``Best of the Best Cigar Reviews: Selects Bucanero as one of the ten best cigars worldwide!``

20th Century Cigar Industry Awards

At the end of the 20th Century the Cigar Industry looked back on all of the cigar manufactures that made hand made cigars from 1900 – 2000. This panel broke down the 778 worldwide manufactures into two groups that produced cigars in the 20th century worldwide.

Large manufactures and small limited production cigar manufactures (Boutiques).

The year was 1999. Today many of the large manufactures who produce millions of cigars annually have been purchased by yet larger cigar and tobacco companies while many of the small family owned cigar micro-blenders have vanished. Yes, there were numerous large cigar companies that vanished also since the early 1900’s. Numerous wars and civil wars and in some cases the passing of the founders resulted in their demise. But that was early on in the 1900’s.

As early as the year 2000 most of the small family cigar companies were gone. As is the case today the small company stands little chance in competing in today’s economy. National branding is an expense that most could simply not endure. So the selections for today’s cigar lover is limited to mainly large publicly traded cigar/tobacco corporations most domiciled in Europe.

We seen the writing on the wall in early 2000. At one time we had close to 1000 brick and mortar retailers coast to coast. But the expense of national branding and the high costs made our company change coarse. We no longer have a presence in retail shops nationally. We decided to exclusively offer our selection of cigars online and pass on the savings to our customers.

The online retail cost today for those who enjoy our cigars is at true wholesale prices. Once our cigars were priced in the 10 – 12 dollar range at retail shops coast to coast. Today a cigar lover can buy them direct online at 60% less. Much less than $5.00 dollars per stogie.

Bucanero cigars are a great smoke at a true value. Thanks to the internet we still are making fine cigar blends as our customers will attest.

Clasico Maduro. Just wanted to tell you I couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent flavor, draw, & construction, held its ash for over 3/4 the length! Thanks. Eddy


I just tried out a Havana rose that I had ordered along with some Don Douglas cigars and I just had to send an email about how ecstatic I am with your products. Fantastic cigars! I have never had better! Gordon


I just received my second order of your cigars in less than a week. Love the shipping speed and packaging but most of all the cigars. I received the El Captains today and just finished one, which is what promoted me to write this message. All I can say is wow, what a great stick! Doug


I have enjoyed your cigars for the last couple of years and I have to say they are excellent value. My absolute favorite cigars are Cuban Partagas Habanos, but the cost here is pretty prohibitive. A D4 costs about $22 and a P2 about $27. Your cigars run them a very close second. Yours aye, Jim (Scotland)


I have to tell you that the three I’ve smoked have been magnificent – but one of them was simply mind-blowingly good. The Full Sail Maduro. Congratulations on your great cigars. You have a loyal customer for life. Best wishes as always, J. Webber


I was trying to figure out how long I have been smoking your cigars. I first tried them in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I think that was well over 10 years ago. I am so glad that you decided to put your business on the Internet so that everyone can have access to these wonderful cigars. Keep up the good work! David


I have been a customer of yours for about three years. I find your line of Bucanero cigars to be some of the finest cigars I have ever smoked. Gary


We are not cigar experts by any stretch, but we know what we like. Everyone who enjoys cigars tries to find the taste that suits them, that’s a given. But when a cigar like yours tastes great from the time you light it, to the point where there is nearly nothing left to hold on to, that’s the sign of a great cigar in my opinion. Jimmy D, Las Vegas


People who like good cigars and good conversation will spend their money. But when you can buy a superior product at a value price that needs to be shared with others. Thank You, Gary


A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Bucanero Windjammer Churchill at Dela Concha’sCigar Shop on the Avenue of Americas in Manhattan. Since then this store has been purchased by Davidoff. I guess as such they no longer carry your fine cigars. I must say I have tried other cigar brands Cubans and the like and I feel Bucanero’s Clasico Maduro and the Windjammer Churchill are the best cigars ever made. Olivier Manhattan, NY.


I received my cigars a couple of weeks ago and I must say they have not disappointed. This is the second batch of cigars I have got from Bucanero and every cigar has been top quality. I have been a committed Cuban cigar smoker for years, but I have to say your cigars based on price point are every bit as good as the best of Cubans. Jim N. United Kingdom


Your blends are the finest I have ever smoked/enjoyed in my years 30 years cigar smoking experience. Tom, Chicago


You have to know that this is a “first” for me to take the time, unsolicited, to send this highly complementary letter to you as a result of this incredible experience with your Bucanero brand. Mark, Denver CO.


Thank you Robert Spoden and all the folks at Bucanero for your obvious passion and skill used tocreate the Cañon Cubano Maduro. I don’t know how you do it but can honestly say I am glad you do! Scott, Charleston, SC.


I have been smoking cigars for over 30 years. I have four humidors filled with over 500 cigars from all over the world, Cubans and just about everything else. I just smoked your Full Sail Maduro. and found it to be the smoothest most flavorful Maduro I have ever enjoyed. That is saying something about the quality of your smokes. J. Overton, Washington D.C.


Absolutely Great Cigars! T. Pennington, Atlanta, Ga.


The Bucanero Z’s I purchased last month reminds me
of my Padron 24…. Who are you guys? Man what a great smoke! R. Stevens, Chicago


Last night I fired the Z up on my deck and damn WHAT A CIGAR! Tim, Dallas Texas


I always tell folks that the best cigar I ever smoked was a Bucanero.
I don’t smoke cigars that much, but when I do….it will be a Buc. Thanks, Randy, U.S. Army, Germany


I pick up more flavors from Bucanero’s than any other cigar I smoke. Each cigar is wonderfully rolled, burns well and is never harsh. Thank you again. Mike, Lutz, FL


They are absolutely amazing. Better than I had remembered. Again, a very grateful Thank You and God Bless, to you and your company! SGT Dennis, Again, a very grateful Thank You and God Bless, to you and your company! SGT Dennis, Afghanistan


I have been a huge fan and truly believe there are no other cigars out there for the same price that even come close to a Bucanero (especially the Clasico Maduro – my favorite). Thanks, Brian


Bucanero, your great cigars and your great customer service will keep me as a customer for (hopefully) years to come. Frank, Oregon


All great, some of course more welcome than others due my personal taste in strengths Told my cigar smoking friends, told ’em to go to your site and read about your cigar philosophy –and about ammonia. And about cigars that actually are never, never plugged! Thanks, Bill, Arizona


This is an excellent smoke one of my Bucanero favorites. Bucanero Z. Tim, Philadelphia

Golden Hill’s “Bucanero”
My name is David Kramer and I have been a long time customer of Robert and his fantastic Bucanero Cigars.
In addition to enjoying a quality cigar on a regular basis I have another pastime that I enjoy.
I raise, show and breed fine quality Paso Fino Horses.
These horses are of Spanish decent and so when I am fortunate enough to have the new arrival of a colt or filly I must come up with a name that reflects the horse in a beautiful, powerful or meaningful way in the Spanish language. I have a Muneca (which means little doll) an Herencia, (which means Heritage) and a Patron (which means the boss) in addition to many others. I have enjoyed naming several great horses that have gone on to compete statewide as well as nationally and have been champions and have made both me and my ranch proud.
Four years ago, we had a beautiful black colt that we hold great hopes for. He was impressive from the day he was born. My wife, knowing my love for Bucanero cigars and horses said; “why don’t you name him Bucanero”?
That was the perfect joining of my two favorite pastimes so we did indeed name him Golden Hills Paso Fino Ranch or GHP’s Bucanero.
He has started showing this past year in local and regional shows winning many awards which resulted in him being awarded the High Point, 4 Year Old Colt Nationally. He has recently competed at our Grand National Show in Lexington Kentucky and will be competing in Miami Florida soon. He is just starting his showing career and like a fine cigar needs time to age to perfection. We are excited to see what he will do. Whatever his accomplishments may be, he is a wonderful horse, good natured and a great companion.
October 26, 2013
Miami, Florida
World Champion

Thanks, Robert for your great inspiration!